Welcome to Furry Feet Studios a multimedia evolution

Furry Feet Studios is a multimedia company, based in the beautiful Cotswolds where we have been serving local, national and international clients with a range of multimedia since 1999. We create close relationships with our clients, taking pride in covering the full spectrum of multimedia. From web design and photography to video production and promotion everything media is so connected nowadays that a full service solution is very effective.

From the early days of creating menus for pubs we now work with clients to offer everything from logo design, advert, poster, vehicle design, video creation, film production, website design and mangement, hosting, social media design and promotion. Online advertising, video promotion and basically anything you can think of that at it's core has a design, imagery... MULTIMEDIA element. Bringing them all together for consistent, great looking promotion.

A major aspect of Furry Feet Studios is our video and film production. Working for large corporates through Furry Feet Studios commissions and projects but also offering affordable, discounted production via Cotswold TV. Originally a platform of local television, now serving as a resource for Cotswolds stock footage and community spirited video production.

Through our multimedia background we also have other companies we run such as Familigram, a messaging service for loved ones living in care and TWiMO - which we will tell you more about very soon.

Shall we get started?

There is only so far you can get on this website to be honest...